Delivering more value through a sustainable business

A Bright Future for a Fixture of the Photography World

When I began to introduce myself to people in the photography industry as the new owner of Pass, I got a wide range of reactions.

Some were ecstatic that Pass, an O.G. in the gallery sharing game, would get a breath of fresh air and continue serving this vibrant industry.

Others were confused: “Huh? You bought Pass? Why?”

Truth is, when I took over last year, Pass had admittedly seen better days. I don't think that's too big of a secret.  But where others only saw challenges, I saw an opportunity to create more value for photographers and help them run more successful businesses.

While I used to be self-conscious about this skepticism, I'm no longer afraid of it.  I’m more confident than ever about the future of Pass and the value we can deliver to our customers.

But realizing this future will require running a sustainable business.  We need to make investments in your success.

Investing in Your Success

We have spent 2023 investing in a completely revamped approach to our business with a brand new team.

If you took advantage of the mini-session playbook, you got a taste.  A client-ready booklet helping to showcase your print store that matches account configurations that we make on your behalf.

If you liked that, we’re excited for you to see what’s in store for 2024.

Migrating Classic for a Single Pass

Within the next few months, we will have completed the long-awaited migration of your galleries from Pass Classic to Pass+.

Many of you have been with Pass since long before Pass+ launched in 2017 and have hundreds of galleries spread across two platforms.  Soon, all your galleries will be in one place.

What’s better, our migration process is set up to automatically notify your clients about the gallery’s new location — you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you are (i) a subscriber on the Pass+ Unlimited Plan and (ii) your Pass+ email is the same as your Pass Classic email, your account will be migrated automatically.  If you don’t meet these criteria, or you would like us to prioritize your account, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with details.

Updated Subscription Pricing

To reflect the increased value of the product and ensure we can continue investing in the business, we’ll be updating our subscription pricing.  Effective 11/1/23, subscription prices for annual plans will be:

  • Beginner: $6/mo
  • Standard: $20/mo
  • Unlimited: $38/mo

Let me know what you think

As the team and I work to build Pass into a sustainable business and improve our product and services, we welcome your feedback.  Good, bad, or ugly, let me know, and we’ll respond to all your emails:

And if you have any questions about your account or specific pricing plan, please contact our customer support team:

As always, we appreciate your loyalty and belief in our bright future together.


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