Free Plan Update

A service worth paying for.

That’s our motto and something that our team works toward every single day. As we roll out these changes, we are focused on ensuring a simple, intuitive, and profit-generating experience that wows your clients every day. To learn more about the Free Plan change, keep reading.

The Details

🟠 Why: We are investing in the success of our photographers. Pass photographers can earn more from every session with effective strategies to package, promote, and price their print products.  Our mission to help you get there. This change is a major step in that reinvestment.

🟠 What: Our Free Plan is changing.  Storage limitations will now be

  • 10GB of storage for 6 months from the date you signed up
  • 2GB of storage after 6 months</aside>

🟠 When: The Free Plan Update will go into effect on August 22nd, 2023.

🟠 Who: Anyone currently on the free plan. See below for your specific circumstance.

🟠 How: Upgrade to a paid plan now to avoid the account downsizing process!

The easiest way to avoid downsizing is to UPGRADE NOW!

If your account is using less than 2GB of Storage, and:

If you have more than 2GB of Storage in your account, and:


How do I find out how much storage I’m using?

  • Login to your Pass account
  • Go to “Settings” on the left
  • Click “Storage” at the end of the list

How do I find out when I joined Pass?

How do I upgrade my plan?

  • Login to your account
  • Click “Settings” on the left
  • Click “Plans and Billing”
  • Select “Upgrade” button in blue
  • Review the plans, you can toggle between monthly and yearly pricing
  • Add a coupon if you have one
  • Select your plan, click confirm change
  • Add your payment information
  • You are upgraded!

What if I have over 10GB but don’t upgrade or reduce my storage?

  • Your galleries will begin being purged from your account until we reach the 2GB storage limit.

Are there any discounts if I upgrade early?

  • Yes!  Check your email for details

What’s the difference between the Beginner and Standard Plan?

  • Here are the highlights of the Standard Plan:
  • An additional 80GB
  • 1-1 Business Coaching Sessions
  • Customizable Smart Store

Can I get my galleries back after they are purged?

  • There is a very short time frame in which we are able to retrieve purged galleries, so we suggest upgrading or removing your files if you are over the limit. We always recommend backing up your files no matter the circumstance.

Will I be notified when my 180 days is up if I have been a subscriber for less than 180 days?

  • Yes! You will receive email notifications letting you know that you are getting close to being over the limit on time and storage, as well as directions on how to upgrade.

Where can I learn more about the new things coming to Pass?

  • Click here to see what’s coming to Pass in the next 6 months. 👀

How do I contact support?

  • Reach out to or login to your account to use the chat window!
How do I manage download permissions?
How do I schedule when emails are sent?
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