How do I protect my watermark from watermark removers?

If you are looking for extra protection from automatic bulk watermark removers such as, easily enable Pass’ AI Watermark Protector.

When active, the watermark image has a light "noise" pattern added, making it harder for the watermark removers to detect and remove the watermark. This offers general protection for most watermark removers.

Disclaimer: Using this is not a guarantee that the watermarks cannot be removed. Different removal algorithms will yield different results.

Please note: This feature is not available on Free and Beginner plans.

Watermark recommendations if using the protector:

  • White watermark - the brighter the watermark, the better the protection
  • Large, with thick lines/features - the thicker the lines, the better the protection
  • Fits within 600x500 pixels

Pass Settings:

  • Fit or Fill watermark size and location - using small repeat patterns helps the watermark removal software detect the pattern

To begin, go to Settings from your Main Dashboard.

In the Brand & Style tab, checkmark to Use AI watermark protector.

Now your watermark will have the AI watermark protector enabled.

Below is an example of a natural watermark (AI watermark generator disabled) before and after a bulk automatic watermark remover is applied.

Likewise, here is a protected watermark (AI watermark generator enabled) before and after a bulk automatic watermark remover is applied.

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